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Limestone County is accepting annual bids for the following services and supplies for Limestone County for Fiscal Year 2024-2025

            A) Janitorial Supplies                       BID # 240514-01

            B)  Pest Control                                 BID # 240514-02

            C)  Road Oil                                       BID # 240514-03

            D) Crushed Limestone Base            BID # 240514-04

            E)  Steel Culverts                              BID # 240514-05

            F)  Bridge Lumber                            BID # 240514-06

            G) Diesel                                             BID # 240514-07

            H) Unleaded Fuel                              BID # 240514-08

            I)  Contract Hauling                         BID # 240514-09

            J)  Steel Products                              BID # 240514-10                     MORE BIDS LOWER DOWN PAGE


Sealed bids must be submitted to Limestone County Auditor’s Office, 200 West State Street, Suite 301, Groesbeck, Texas 76642.  Bids must be received by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 and must be marked on the outside "BID NO. (Use appropriate bid #) -OPENING DATE - WEDNESDAY, July 19, 2023."  Bids will be presented to Commissioners' Court at a regular meeting on Tuesday July 25, 2023.

Specifications are available in the County Auditor’s Office, 200 West State Street, Suite 301, Groesbeck, Texas 76642.

Limestone County Commissioners’ Court reserves the right to reject any and all bids.



Hay cutting bids are also available, please click on each bid below for details.


            K)  Hay Cutting - Detention Center                BID # 240528-01

            L)  Hay Cutting - Parks                                    BID # 240528-02

Bid/RFP Notices


Request for Proposals for Limestone County Broadband