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Limestone County Floodplain Administrator

Matt Groveton

1221 E Yeagua St.

Groesbeck, TX 76642



What is a Floodplain?

A floodplain is a geographic area subject to flooding and/or land adjacent to a waterway necessary to contain a flood. Floodplains can be associated with rivers, lakes, streams, channels, or even small creeks that are normally dry most of the year. There are two types of floodplains we generally deal with:

   1. 25 year floodplain: an area subject to flooding as a result of the occurrence of a 25 year storm event - a storm that has a 4% chance of occurring in any given year.
   2. 100 year floodplain: an area subject to flooding as a result of the occurrence of a 100 year storm event - a storm that has a 1% chance of occurring in any given year.

See also the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) web site for more information on floodplains and floodplain management.


Floodplain Regulations in Limestone County

Floodplain regulations are enforced to protect public safety and health. In addition, they encourage sound engineering practices and efficient floodplain management techniques. All construction in Limestone County must adhere to federal floodplain regulations. Regulations are established by the Federal Government and implemented by the  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Floodplain Administrator’s Office is responsible for examining construction for compliance with local and federal floodplain regulations.

Limestone County Flood Damage Prevention Order

Floodplain Development Permit

If your property is in the floodplain, a floodplain permit will be required.  To receive a permit, you will need to download a floodplain permit application using the link provided below.  Please return completed application to the Limestone County Floodplain Administrator via email(matt.groveton@co.limestone.tx.us) or FAX(254-227-6077). 

Click here to download Floodplain Development Permit Application

There will be a $25 application fee that must be received before the application can be processed. This can be paid with cash or check in the Limestone County Treasurers’ Office located in the County Courthouse at 200 W. State St., Groesbeck, TX. 76642, or as an added convenience you are able to pay the $25 application fee online using a credit/debit card (note- there will be convenience fee of $1 applied for credit/debit card transactions).  By clicking the link below you will be redirected to our secure site for processing payment.

Click here to pay application fee by credit/debit card


FEMA Map Service Center and Flood Map Store

Digital versions and images of flood maps are now available for viewing and printing from the on-line FEMA Flood Map Store at: http://msc.fema.gov/. This on-line store provides paper, scanned images on CD-ROM, and downloads of maps. The Flood Map Store allows users to create a FIRMette at no cost. A FIRMette is a section of the flood hazard map at 100% scale that can be printed on standard paper sizes (8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, and 11 x 17).