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General Information

  • A Birth record is public information and available to the public on or after the 75th anniversary of the date of birth as shown on the record filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics or local registration official. Government Code 552.115 (a) (1)

  • Birth Certificates are issued in two forms - Long Form or Short (Abstract) Form


  Long Form Birth Certificate

  • The Long form will always be issued if the Limestone County Clerk's Office is the holder of the record. 
  • The Long form is the copy of the actual certificate of birth on file with the county where the birth occurred.


Short (Abstract) Form Birth Certificate

  • The Short (abstract) form contains  basic information such as:
  1. person's name, sex, date of birth and county of birth
  2. parent's name(s), the State File Number and the filing date
  • The Short (abstract) form can be used to apply for a government issued ID, enrollment in school or sports and for work related issues
  • For persons born in Texas between 1926 to the present, but NOT born in Limestone County, birth certificates can be obtained in abstract form ONLY.
  • Abstract copies may NOT be suitable for passport purposes


  • If a delayed birth certificate was issued later in life, those certificates are NOT available through the remote access and you will need to contact the county where the birth occurred.


  • All certificates issued from this office are certified copies of the original record on security paper that meets state requirements, which bears our Limestone County Seal and the Texas State Health Department Seal within the paper.  We do NOT use an embossed seal per the Texas Administrative Code Title 25 Part 1 Chapter 181 Subchapter B Rule 1813.28-C - Security Features
  • IN PERSON                                                                       

    Qualified applicants may complete an application in the County Clerk's Office, 200 W. State Street, Ground Floor, Suite G-102 Groesbeck, Texas 76642 or print and complete the below application and bring with you to our office.  Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.

    BIRTH CERTIFICATE APPLICATION - (In Person)                                

    The Qualified Applicant must show proper identification and provide the following information:

    1. Full name on birth certificate
    2. Date and place of birth (city/county)
    3. Parent 1's full name
    4. Parent 2's full name
    5. Name, address and phone number of requestor
    6. Relationship to person on birth record
    7. Reason for obtaining the certificate


    ORDER BY MAIL                                                                      

    Effective September 1, 2015, all applications for certified copy of Birth Certificate which are mailed into the County Clerk's office must be signed in front of a notary public, per Health and Safety Code, Sec. 191.0031.

    For information on contacting other Texas County Clerks visit the Texas Secretary of State County Clerk webpage.

    Print and complete the application and sworn notarized statement

    Include a copy of the applicants valid driver's license or other valid picture ID

    Include check or money order payable to Limestone County Clerk ($23.00 per certified copy)

    Please provide a self address stamped envelope 

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  • Birth Certificates are $23.00 per Certified Copy.

    Cash, Credit Card, Check & Money Orders are accepted.

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  • Qualifying Applicant- Defines who is eligible to request certified copies of records:

    • Self (person named on record)
    • Parent (parent listed on record)
    • Step-Parent (can obtain a stepchild's birth certificate up to the age of 17 years old with proof of marriage license)
    • Grandparent/Step-Grandparent (biological parents to parents on record)
    • Children (biological child to person on record)
    • Sibling (must share at least 1 parent, parent must be on both person's birth certificate)
    • Spouse (must show marriage license if you do not share last name on record)
    • Guardian (must show valid court order showing guardianship)
    • Attorney (must have valid paperwork showing tangible interest in record)

    If you are not an immediate family member, you must provide a certified copy of legal documentation that states the requestor's direct and tangible interest in the record.  For full details, see Section 181.1(21) of the Texas Administrative Code.

    Anyone else must have a signed (original) statement authorizing them (naming them) to pick up the birth certificate.  This statement must include a copy of your government issued ID.  The person named in your request must present their original government issued ID also.

    It is at the discretion of the County Clerk to determine whether sufficient identification has been provided.


    NOTE:  A father or paternal grandparent may not obtain his child's Birth Certificate if the fathers name  is not listed on the record unless a certified copy of a court order that names him as the father can be provided.

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  • All documents must be current and valid and contain the applicant's name and photograph that establishes the applicant's identity.

    Please provide ONE (1) from GROUP A:


    • Driver's license from a U.S. state
    • Federal or state ID card
    • Military ID card
    • U.S. passport
    • License to Carry a Handgun
    • Pilot's license
    • Law enforcement employment ID (federal, state, or city)
    • Offender ID issued by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or an ID from a federal or U.S. state correctional facility or institution
    • Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued:
      • Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
      • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
      • Travel documents:
        • Re-entry permit
        • Refugee travel document
        • Advance parole
      • SENTRI card
      • U.S. citizen ID card
    • U.S. Department of State issued:
      • Border Crossing Card (BCC) – B1 for business or pleasure or B2 medical purposes
      • Visa


    If you do not have one from Group A, please provide TWO (2) from GROUP B:


    • Current student ID
    • Any Primary ID from Group A that is expired
    • Signed Social Security card or Numident
    • DD Form 214 Certificate of Release
    • Medicaid card or Medicare card
    • Veterans Affairs card
    • Medical insurance card
    • Foreign passport accompanied by a visa issued by the U.S. Department of State
    • Foreign passport in accordance with the U.S. Department of State, Visa Waiver Program
    • Certified birth certificate from the U.S. Department of State (FS-240, DS-1350, or FS-545)
    • Private company employment ID card
    • Form I-94 - accompanied by the applicant's visa or passport
    • Mexican voter registration card
    • Foreign identification with identifiable photo of applicant



    If you do not have one from Group A or two from Group B, please provide ONE (1) from GROUP B and TWO (2) from GROUP C:




    • Recent utility bill or cell phone bill with current address
    • Recent paycheck stub
    • Any Secondary Acceptable ID from Group B that is expired
    • Public assistance applications or letters
    • Signed valid voter’s registration card
    • Police report of stolen ID
    • Official school transcript
    • Bank account statement
    • Social Security letter
    • Marriage license or divorce decree
    • Certified birth certificate from a state other than Texas, District of Columbia, or other country
    • Automobile insurance card or contract
    • Lease agreement
    • Loan or installment payment contract
    • Promissory note or loan contract
    • Court order
    • Property title or lien
    • Automobile title or registration
    • Library card
    • Fishing or hunting license
    • Recent medical record or bill
    • Religious record with signature of religious official
    • Recent rent receipt with address and name
    • Federal, state, or local tax records
    • U.S. Department of Homeland Security notice or correspondence


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