Texas Counties Deliver

Death Certificates

A Death Record is public information and available to the public on or after the 25th anniversary of the date of death as shown on the record filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics or Local Registration Official. Government Code 552.115 (a) (2).

  • • Full name as it appears on Death Record.

    • Date and County of death.

    • Parent's names, including Mother's Maiden Name.

    • Your relationship to the person named on the Certificate.

    • Your mailing address.

    • Purpose for obtaining the record.

    Non-expired identification.

    The above information is required by Statue TAC 181.28. Death records are considered confidential information; therefore, all requirements must be met. If you are unable to meet the requirements, please contact the State Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin. The toll-free number is (888) 963-7111. The fax number is (512) 458-7506.
  • • Driver's License

    • State issued ID

    • Military ID

    • Passport (Foreign Passport must contain Visa)

    • Certified copy of Birth Certificate

  • • The Registrant or an immediate family member (Parent, Children, Spouse, Sibling, Legal Guardian or Grandparent of the Registrant. TAC Title 25, Rule 181.13 (13)

    • If you are not an immediate family member, you must provide a Certified Copy of Legal Documentation that states the requestor's direct and tangible interest in the record.

    • Anyone else must have a signed (original) statement authorizing them (naming them) to pick up the Death Certificate. This statement must include a copy of your government issued ID. The person named in your request must present their original government issued ID also.

  • • Please print and complete the following Application and Affidavit.

    • Attach a copy of your identification (acceptable forms of ID are listed above).

    • Your payment (please do not send cash by mail).


    Effective September 1, 2015, all Applications for Certified Copies of Death Certificates which are mailed into the County Clerk's Office must be signed in front of a Notary Public, per Health and Safety Code, Sec. 191.0031.